IMS Noida Inaugurated Sports and Culture Academy

Institute of Management Studies, Noida started sports and culture academy within the IMS Noida campus. During the launch, Dr. Kulneet Suri, Sr. Director of IMS Noida said, “The program will cater skilled students who are seeking a successful balance between academics and intensive training as they prepare for professional careers in sports and culture.” She added that the start of the academy comes on the heels of our new vision to fully accomplish the academy at every level. We recognize the need for our students to continue professional training before they reach to the competitive day-time curriculum.

Dr. Kulneet Suri announced the official declaration of Young Star Football Academy, Pinnacle Table Tennis Academy, Shiamak Davar Dance Academy, Sai Shinji Academy of Fine Art and Culture and Martial Arts Fitness Academy.

Nirmal Singh, the mentor of Young-Star Football Academy, Shiamak Davar Dance Academy mentor Anil Dagar, Sai Shinji Academy mentor Shinjini Kulkarni, the Master of the Table Tennis Academy Deepak Malik were present at the inauguration of the academy.

Nirmal Singh said that along with quality education the mix of the country’s culture and sports will play a meaningful role in the overall development of the students. He said that by incorporating sports and cultural activities with the same platform on education, will make students stronger and competitive and on the other hand students will be able to know about the extinct culture of the country, which will play an important role in reviving them.

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