Taco Bell Brings its Iconic Gordita to India

Chandigarh : Taco Bell is all set to introduce its iconic Gordita to consumers in India. A mainstay of Taco Bell menus across the world for decades, the Kinkin Chicken Gordita is a new menu item combining the flavours and textures of the gordita bread and the kickin’ sauce.
The all new Kickin’ Gordita is a new innovation which presents Bigger and bolder flavors. Consumers will be introduced to two new elements – the warm and fluffy Gordita  Flatbread and the delicious Kickin’ Sauce, which gives the Gordita its signature’kick’ of flavors. 
The new menu item is available in both a Crispy Chicken non-vegetarian variant as well as a vegetarian Mexican Paneer variant, filled with iceberg lettuce and tangy salsa. 
The Gordita is available atall Taco Bell restaurants across the country,  for a special launch price of INR 99 for the Kickin’ Paneer Gordita and INR 119 for the Kickin’ Chicken Gordita.

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